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A volunteer committee plans and holds two or three events a year for all family members of the CFD and retirees. There is always a summer picnic and a holiday dinner (around Thanksgiving time). If you are interested in joining the committee or have ideas to make future events even more fun, please send an e-mail to

Proceeds go to fund future family events.


Support Family Events and Show Off Your CFD Station Pride! CFD Logo, Station-Specific Gear and Family "Mutual Aid" T-shirts Available Online Year-Round!

Notice the cool Centennial Fire t-shirts worn by some family members during the Holiday dinner? The Family Events Committee and the Relief Association have created websites for each station offering t-shirts, sweatshirts, infant and youth gear, mugs, hats, bags, pet gear, toys and more. Each station has their own unique design on a variety of items. $2 from each item goes to the Centennial Relief Association and helps finance the food and fun budget for all Family events.

Wearing a station shirt to a family event is a great way to show others which station your firefighter and your family supports. Adult shirts say "Mutual Aid" under the new CFD logo, while youth t's sport a "Next Generation" tag. Anyone in your station family pregnant? Our maternity t-shirts have an arrow to the belly and "New Recruit". Both kids and maternity shirts say "STAY BACK 500 FEET" on the back.

All items are purchased directly by you, and shipped right to your door. If you order the wrong size or don't like the items, returns are simple and free. These items are very high-quality and last (we have some t-shirts and mugs that have been with us for over 2 years and still look great).

Be sure to send the link to your station's store to your family members and tell them you want some CFD loot as a birthday or Christmas gift!

Click the links FOR YOUR STATION to take you to the store designed for you & your family.


Station Gear Link


Just a few of the products available include: stainless water bottles, Thermos containers, gym bags, mugs, stadium or picnic blankets, phone cases, jewelry, magnets, coasters, pillows, infant wear, calendars and much more. Products are added every few months so check back often.

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