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Open House with Transformers
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Come see the Rosenbauer Sentinel Prime Panther used in the movie Transformers 3. It's true--the Transformer Sentinal Prime Truck will be on site! Popcorn, beverages, t-shirt sales, and of course your CFD Firefighters will all be there! CLICK HERE to view/download the details!

SATURDAY JULY 30 after the Fetes des Lacs Parade
CFD Station #3
1800 Main Street
Centerville, MN 55038


Chief Jerry Streich of the Centennial Fire District led a swearing-in ceremony on Saturday, January 9 to confirm the appointment of existing and new CFD officers.

Battalion Chiefs Peterson, Bruder and Rolstad taking their oath from Deputy Chief Olson

As part of ongoing improvements initiated by Chief Streich, all officer positions within the department were posted. Candidates were interviewed by Chief Streich as well as current CFD leadership and officers from nearby fire districts.

"Our officers represent the most experienced and capable firefighters in the department, and they are committed to improving the professionalism and skills of every Centennial firefighter," said Chief Streich during the swearing-in ceremony.

Although they are responsible for many important services provided by the CFD, these officers are still paid-on-call employees.

Several district-wide officers were sworn in, including Bob Stafki, who holds the vital position of Training Chief and is responsible for ensuring all CFD firefighters are provided with ongoing education to improve their knowledge and skills. New Lieutenant Brad Racutt assists Chief Stafki and conducts training, particularly Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification courses required of all CFD firefighters. Lieutenant Tracy Zarembinski is responsible for providing fire prevention education to the community, and is the first female officer in CFD history.

The three CFD fire stations--called "battalions" by firefighters--now have a Battalion Chief, a Captain, and a Lieutenant. Battalion chiefs are responsible for station operations, while captions ensure all aspects of their station and equipment are in good order. Station Lieutenants--a new position created by Chief Streich--assist their captains and serve as a safety officer. Deputy Chief Glen Olson is "second in command" serving as support for Chief Streich and managing CFD operations in his absence.

New station officers sworn in during the ceremony were:

Station 1 (Circle Pines) officers:
Battalion Chief Mike Peterson
Captain Mike Schweigert
Lieutenant Darren Eckart

Station 2 (Lino Lakes) officers:
Battalion Chief Dave Bruder
Captain Mike Mooney
Lieutenant Kent Kogler

Station 3 (Centerville) officers:
Battalion Chief Randy Rolstad
Captain Kevin Stewart
Lieutenant Joe Bibeau

The swearing-in ceremony included the pinning of rank emblems on each officer's uniform lapels. Family members present participated in the pinning.. Each officer repeated oaths to serve the communities in the Centennial Fire District, and then received their new helmets. Different helmet colors help distinguish firefighters on a working scene. Chiefs wear white helmets, captains and lieutenants red, firefighters yellow, and members-in-training are identified by their black helmets.

Captains Schweigert, Mooney and Stewart take their oaths.

Lieutenants Eckart, Bibeau, Racutt and Zarembinski
during the swearing-in.

"All officers have day-to-day responsibilities," said Deputy Chief Olson. "During a working fire or medical emergency, this clear chain of command is what makes it possible for us to respond to emergencies correctly, quickly, and safely."


The Centennial Fire District is closely monitoring the H1N1 Pandemic Flu situation. We have attached the following information for your review. From the information that we receive on a daily basis, some of the common recommendations are to wash your hands on a regular basis, cover your cough, and get the flu shot when it is offered. Should you get flu-like symptoms, contact your local clinic via telephone for instructions.

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