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FiFire Prevention Week October 6 - 12, 2019

Fire Safety Education

The Centennial Fire District is dedicated to reducing risk to life and property by providing accessible, high quality fire prevention and fire safety education to the citizens of Centerville and Circle Pines.

From proper smoke alarm installation and maintenance, cooking safety, space heaters, campfire safety; the Centennial Fire District is always eager to answer any questions and provide safety guidance to our community.

Every year, the Centennial Fire District makes multiple school, daycare, and park visits to help reinforce the fire prevention message to the residents in our district. Each August, Centennial Fire is one of several Public Safety organizations that host a 1 day Safety Camp for all kids who will be going into fourth grade that fall. Safety Camp topics include: bicycle safety, cooking safety, and properly planned escape home routes in the event of fire.

The Centennial Fire District believes strongly that it is much better to prevent an emergency than to have an emergency.

For more information about classes and tours available, contact us at (), or call 651-792-7900.

Child Safety Seat Checks

Call for an appointment. We can check your car seat at the station.
Home Safety Surveys As requested, free. We will conduct a safety survey of your home and install smoke alarms. Must be a resident of Circle Pines or Centerville.
Fire Extinguisher Classes Taught as requested.
Fire Prevention Classes Taught as requested and tailored to the situation.
Fire Station Tours As requested.
Safety Camp Annual 1 day program for those children who just completed third grade. Eight classes during the day all safety related.

Centennial Fire Investigation Team

The Investigative Team of the Centennial Fire District is responsible for the investigation of all fires with a value of over $100.00 for origin and cause. The team also prepares cases for possible charging and criminal prosecution working closely with Centennial Lakes Police Department, Anoka County Sheriff’s Department, Anoka County Fire Investigation Team and the Anoka County Attorney’s Office.

Centennial Investigators receive advanced training in such areas as computer and cell phone forensics, juvenile investigations, arsons, financial crimes, vehicle fires, crime scene investigation and other investigative techniques. For more info, please contact Assistant Chief David Bruder at 651-792-7902 or .

Anoka County Fire Investigation Team (ACFIT)
Centennial Fire District is one of the founding member departments of the Anoka County Fire Investigation Team (ACFIT). The team consists of approximately 30 members from Anoka County fire and police agencies as well as a member from the State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and Anoka County Attorney’s office. The team was assembled to build collaboration amongst fire, law enforcement, and others to better determine the origin and cause of fire and explosion scenes within Anoka County.

The primary goal of the team is assist local fire departments in determining the origin and cause of fires and/or explosions within their jurisdictions.

Today the ACFIT has become a model for other county teams such as Hennepin, Washington, Dakota, Sherburne, Albert Lea, and Ramsey. The team concept has complete support from the County Sheriff, County Attorney, Medical Examiner’s Office and local officials.

Centennial Fire District Fire Inspections

The Inspection Team of the Centennial Fire District is responsible for performing fire inspections within the cities of Centerville and Circle Pines.

All permits with the exception of burning permits are issued through the respective city and passed on to the fire inspections division.

Circle Pines permits link

Centerville permits link

The team performs scheduled commercial fire inspections, sprinkler and alarm plan reviews, preplans, fireworks displays, temporary structures, tank removal and installation and completes all rental inspections for the city of Circle Pines. This division also addresses citizen complaints. For more info, please contact Assistant Chief David Bruder at 651-792-7902 or .

Top Ten Fire Code Violations
1. Street address must be clearly marked and visible (in contrasting colors) from the street fronting the property.
2. Fire hydrants located on your property must be visible and accessible at all times, with a three foot clearance on all sides
3. Exit doors must open easily from the inside. Locking mechanisms on door shall not require special knowledge or keys. The only exception is a main storefront door with a sign that reads, “THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED WHEN BUILDING IS OCCUPIED” with one inch letters and contrasting background.
4. Aisles, walkways, stairways and paths leading to an exit must be clear of storage and obstructions.
5. Emergency lights and exit signs (that are lighted) must function in both normal and emergency power modes.
6. Electrical outlets, junction boxes, and circuit breaker panels must be covered and have the appropriate cover plate.
7. Electrical extension cords cannot be used as a substitute for permanent wiring. Extension cords are only approved for “temporary use” (operating a vacuum cleaner, powering a tool while making a repair, etc.) Multi-outlet power taps with built in circuit breakers may be used to protect computers and related equipment.
8. Fire extinguishers must be visible, readily accessible, and serviced every 12 months.
9. Fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems must be serviced and tested every 12 months by a licensed fire protection contractor.
10. Fire suppression systems for commercial cooking operations (hood systems) must be serviced and tested every 6 months by a licensed fire protection contractor.

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